One Placement creates
One Plant to save the Planet

“We believe that placing people in companies is like planting new trees. Just as the right sapling in fertile soil will grow into a strong tree, the right candidate in the right position will develop into a strong asset for our customers.”

Planting 10,000 trees each year

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, CareerCross Co., Ltd., a member of the JAC Group, is taking part in an ongoing reforestation project to work towards a greener earth. For each permanent placement made throughout our global network, JAC contributes a portion of sales revenue to plant one tree, with the aim of planting 10,000 trees each year. CareerCross Co., Ltd. contributes based on revenue.


Orangutan Forest Fund

The plantation of JAC Group is located within the Apeng Preservation forest in Sarawak State, Borneo Island, Malaysia, an area previously devastated by one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. The planting will be coordinated by the Japan Malaysia Association (JMA) as part of their "Orangutan Forest Fund" which targets the regeneration and preservation of Malaysian tropical rainforests and the native Orangutans that call them home. Working with local communities, the project also teaches people new techniques and skills in rainforest conservation to ensure continual regeneration of the rainforests.

Reforestation Project

Aside from this, we are developing a reforestation project in Bali, Indonesia where COP13 was held. We are planting 1 young tree in a rock face covered with volcanic ash, everytime one of our candidates gets a new position with a company through us. We will continue supporting this project hoping that each new tree will grow and establish itself as each of our candidates will grow in their new company.


Green Bali

CareerCross Co., Ltd. wishes to contribute to and promote environmental preservation on a global scale. Deforestation is said to account for one fifth of global carbon emissions, making it the largest contributing factor. We believe tropical rainforest preservation is an essential first step in reversing the threat of climate change and working towards a cleaner earth.

Supporting the "Green Bali in 2010" project, CareerCross Co., Ltd. assists planting in the desolated area of Kabupaten Kintamani, once an important water source. The rainforest has been decreasing in Bali at a dramatic rate through both natural disaster and illegal deforestation and it is our aim to contribute to reversing this.