CareerCross Co., Ltd. is a leading bilingual job site with a strong focus on companies hiring bilingual professionals in Japan. Since the launch of our main service CareerCross in 2000, we have been supporting our client companies in recruiting talented bilingual professionals and providing global career opportunities to job seekers through the recruitment media business we have developed over the years.

Twenty years have passed since the company was established, and the issues companies are facing have changed dramatically. In addition to the competitive issues of internationalization and diversification, many developed countries will have to face the new issue of a shrinking workforce (global human resources).

It is because of such times that we need to work on internationalization and diversification, as well as "digital transformation (DX)" to increase productivity through digital technology. Additionally, we need to develop new employment systems, such as remote work, second jobs, freelance work, and diversity management, which includes people from different backgrounds, nationalities, gender, age, and employment status, that makes the most of their differences.

To address global and diverse human resources issues, we provide support to both companies and job seekers who are sincerely committed to addressing all of these global human resources issues.

This is our mission.    

In the future, CareerCross Co., Ltd. plans to pursue services that can provide new value, including not only support for recruiting bilingual personnel for foreign-affiliated companies, but also support for recruiting foreign nationals and borderless overseas employment.
We will continue to keep the above mission in mind as we strive to contribute to the world through our services.
Managing Director,
Toshihide Horiguchi